Jon Baker is a self taught Bristol based artist. Working with acrylic and oil, Jon has experimented with a wide range of subjects but specialises in paintings of people and animals.

Citing Caravaggio as his main influence Jon practices a realist style with an emphasis on the distinction between light and shade, preferring to concentrate on the composition and lighting of a painting over experiments in abstraction.

Having no formal artistic qualifications, Jon has developed his eye by drawing from his own observations of the world. A lifelong passion for drawing evolved into experiments in painting after he was given a set of paints as a Christmas present from his girlfriend Dani in 2014. Paintings as gifts and commissions for friends and family followed before the idea of a career as a serious artist took root.
Still very much in his creative infancy, Jon is devoting more and more of his time to his painting and welcomes the chance to discuss art and his future plans with anyone of similar interests